Improve Your Stroke Indoors Before The Snow Melts

By Jimmy Rockelman

Stop banging your head against the wall because of your poor putting. One of the most common reasons for poor putting is too much movement of the upper body and head during the stroke. Excessive movement of the torso and head directly affect speed control and face positions at impact resulting in very inconsistent putting and speed control leading to increased three putt greens. An easy way to work on improving the steadiness of your body during your stroke is to practice indoors with your head against the wall as you putt.

• Set up in normal putting stance with your head touching the wall.
• Position feet parallel to the base of the wall.

This develops correct path of stroke (you don’t want to have the toe of the putter contact wall). Less movement during stroke will promote less off center (sweet spot) putts, leading to more consistent distance control. Once on the putting green, try practicing listening for the ball to go in the cup, instead of watching it. It ís always better to hear it go in, then seeing it miss.

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