Helpful Hints for Playing in Inclement Weather

By Harry Hurley

Preparation is the most important thing. When a glove wears out, find a pouch in your golf bag for at least 4 old gloves. Then when it rains, and your glove gets wet, start bringing out the old gloves. An old glove that is dry is better than a new one that is wet. If you change gloves every 3rd hole, you will shoot better and enjoy the round more. If you want to invest the money, there are gloves out there that are made for wet conditions. They cost a little more than regular gloves, but you only use them in wet conditions, so they should last for many years.

It is also worth the investment to buy a good rain outfit. These are a little more expensive, but they make playing in wet conditions much more enjoyable (it’s much easier to get to your tees and markers in the pocket of a rain suit, than it is in your pants pocket when they are wet). The manufacturer’s that design them specifically for golf have developed some key features into the design that make playing golf in the rain much more enjoyable and player friendly.

Other things that are good to keep in the trunk of your car are bag covers to keep the clubs dry on the course. Most golf bags come with a cover that is designed to fit your particular bag. If you don’t have one, try the plastic covers that fit any bag. If worse comes to worse, and you don’t have any cover, keep a plastic garbage bag in your trunk for emergencies like a tournament that you already paid for, and it starts raining that day.

If you wear glasses, then the bigger the brim of your hat, the better. It’s tough to putt with raindrops on your glasses. Another thing that is good to keep in your bag are a couple sandwich baggies. They work well for putting you cell phone/Blackberry or other small items in to avoid getting wet on the course. Always keep an umbrella in your bag. The day you leave it in the trunk is the day that a surprise shower will occur.

Invest in some winter golf gloves. They come in sets so both hands can keep warm. That will reduce the stinging, when you hit a not so perfect shot. Wear a hat or stocking cap. Its fact that you lose more body heat from your head and the hat will keep you much warmer.

I advise that you wear layers. Sleeveless sweaters are very helpful for the golf swing. There are many apparel vendors that offer pullovers and jackets with sleeves that zip off easily.

One final piece of advice…is to add more club for shots in cold weather. I would recommend an extra club for each 10 degrees that you play in under 60 degrees.

If you are playing into the wind, or with a side wind, try one more club, and play the ball back in your stance, with a shorter back swing. Before teeing off on the first hole, check the wind direction. It is often easier to do it at the start of your round rather than trying to figure out the wind direction on a hole that is lined with trees. When it comes to your tee shots, tee it higher with the wind, and lower into the wind.

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