Golf Course Warm-ups

By Lisa Holtan

Spring is here, which means the golf courses will all be opening soon. If you have been following my articles you know that we have been talking about workouts you can do at home and at the gym to get you ready for the golf season. Now, it’s the time to talk about warm-ups you can do at home or on the golf course to make sure your body is ready for your golf game and you avoid any early season injuries.

1. Walkouts: bend over from your waist, put your hands on the floor and walk your hands out until you are in a plank. Hold for 2 counts then walk your hands back to your feet. Continue for 1 minute. Walkouts will help you warm up your shoulders and core while stretching your hamstrings.
2. Golf Club Twist-with legs wide hold golf club at chest height straight out in front of you or resting behind your head on your shoulders. Twist gently from side to side rotating on your toes lifting heels up. Continue this exercise for 30 seconds. This exercise will help you warm up your core including the lower back and obliques.
3. Hip Flexor Stretch-kneel on the floor with your right knee on the floor and your left foot on the floor push forward gently. You will feel a stretch in your hip/front of thigh. Raise your right arm in the air and gently lean towards the left. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds on each side. This exercise will stretch your hip flexors.

Do these warm-up exercises before every game of golf to help reduce your risk of injury and improve your golf game. Happy Golfing!
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