Give Yourself The Best Chance For Success Right From The Beginning

By Jimmy Rockelman

Start your season opening practice with good habits when you hit the range or indoor facility. Most golfers carry 14 clubs in their bag, while we can only swing one at a time. Using a couple of clubs on the ground and creating a practice station is a great way to improve your practice and get more quality use of your equipment. Setting up a practice station is easy by placing a club for your ball position and one for proper alignment to your intended target, creating a T with the two clubs on the ground.

• Set your feet, hips, and shoulders parallel to the target line (club on the ground).

• Center club placed for your correct ball position.

Correct parallel setup will help to develop a proper swing plane. Knowing where you are aimed will train your eyes for correct aiming on the course. Correct setup alignment lines will lead to consistent ball striking and lower scores. You can’t analyze your ball flight, if you don’t know exactly where you are aimed. Better practice makes better play.

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