Play At Majestic Oaks Golf Club Year-Round

By Tim Cotroneo

It’s easy to get drawn into the allure of Majestic Oaks Golf Club. Maybe it’s how each employee greets you and asks how you can be helped. Maybe it’s the lush green ambiance pulsating from their golf courses, practice area, and two outdoor wedding courtyards. Or maybe it’s how your head swivels once you realize all this 45-hole golf paradise offers beyond your favorite sport.

Have you ever visited a golf course that features a dinner theatre? Have you ever played golf at a course that has its own winter boot hockey arena? Have you ever played foot golf with a soccer ball into a giant cup?

Majestic Oaks has evolved into so much more than a golf triple play. Sure this 50-year-old oasis is one of the few places to offer not one, not two, but three golf courses on a single 390-acre site. What you’ll discover is that Majestic has expanded their offerings to become a year-round entertainment venue.

The Spice Of Life
When General Manager Dan Jacott starts crunching numbers, you’d never know Majestic’s 70,000 rounds of golf revenue actually place second to their blockbuster food and beverage returns. “We have something called a 3 Swing Day. This means we have a morning shotgun starting at eight o’clock, a midday swing for corporate outings, and a third swing capped by an evening golf league. This usually translates into us hosting up to 600 golfer per day,” Jacott said.

Once Majestic has you on the first tee box, that’s when they begin cultivating not just a return visit, but a long-term loyal customer. Whether you’re smitten by their squadron of five beverage cart attendants, their food at the 46th Hole Bar and Grill, or their overachieving attention to detail during tournament play, the goal is make Majestic part of your year-round calendar.

Variety is the spice of life at Majestic Oaks. Do you wish to play the mature Signature Course, do you prefer the shot making strategy of the Crossroads Course, or do you enjoy the social ambiance of their Executive Nine? Majestic’s generous serving of golf, golf, and golf is the perfect solution for those who wish to sample before committing to a favorite.

Boots, Brides, And A Touch Of Broadway
Majestic aims to please the audience who either thinks our golf season is too short or couldn’t care less about the links. “Minnesota is a hockey mad state. In the winter we convert our cart barn into a top-notch rink for boot hockey. Our winter rink is a fully decked out arena with referees. In the winter, you see more hockey sticks than golf clubs in our bar,” Jacott said.

Weddings receptions are another mainstay of the Majestic way of life. Besides multiple banquet facilities seating up to 450 guests, Majestic has a picturesque outdoor courtyard and lakeside wedding island for ceremonies and unforgettable photos.

The winter season is also when the Majestic’s Season’s Dinner Theatre and Mystery Café shifts into high gear. “Our 40 shows between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day are so popular, they quickly sell out. If you’re looking for a fun event this holiday season, it’s recommended that you call us early,” Jacott said.

Majestic’s Mission
The welcoming Majestic Oaks has grown into a golf community with a fun reputation for creating fresh diversions. Majestic makes a duel point of catering to long-time loyalists and new faces eager to experience these new events. Perfect examples are corporate and meeting groups turning to foot golf outings as a great team-building outing. Couples and families also love Majestic’s annual fall bonfires and Halloween Hay Rides.

On a sunny 80-degree Thursday in July a newcomer entered Majestic’s immaculate grounds to discover the source of the club’s buzz. Clues started with a row of golf carts that were tournament-ready, followed by a hand-holding couple who just inquired about their upcoming wedding reception details. Around the corner from the clubhouse the newbie noticed an inscription that provided a glimpse of Majestic’s mission statement.

A wooden sign reading, “Happily Ever After – This Way,” pointed toward a beautiful gazebo and landscaped area separating the Executive Golf Course from the outdoor wedding grounds. The sign captured the essence of what to expect the next time you visit Majestic Oaks. “Our team is always talking about the 3 P’s. People, Product, and Place. The 3 P’s apply whether you’re here to play golf, participate in a tournament, enjoy lunch, get married, attend our dinner theatre, or even play boot hockey. At Majestic Oaks we want you to feel good about all three,” Jacott said.

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