The State of Mississippi National

By Tim Ryan

Minnesota is a state known for many things; The State Fair, The State of Hockey, The State of Purple and Gold, of course the Minnesota Twins, the state that created the legendary leader of the “Miracle on Ice”, fishing and ice fishing, lakes and streams and on and on. But, what the great state of Minnesota is known for in the golfing world is the mental state of golfers as the winter bears down and the cold rush tears down our spirits.  In Red Wing, Mississippi National is happy to stay open as long as the snowflakes fly away.

Owned and operated by the Wendell Pittinger Group, which manages The Highlands and Tournament Course, Mississippi National is most certainly worth the drive for the yearning golfer who needs a healthy retreat in September, October, and on into November.  See, as “the Highs” tucks up the course in early October, the low country portion of the property still provides great golf and fantastic views of the Hiawatha Valley, in all its magnificence of vibrant colors and full fall foliage. Hopefully for all our sake, it’s not until Turkey Day!

When one stops to consider the truth that the temperature is generally a few degrees warmer with each click the further south they go, the Tournament Course at Mississippi National, formerly known as the “Lowlands”, is a clear choice as one of the finest courses to play on a brisk but pleasant day in the latter days of the season.  Classically reminiscent of famed architect Seth Raynors flavor and gift of flair, “the Lows” has a lot going for it. First, it is simple. Not in that it is a far too easy play, but because Wendell Pittinger and his layout team had the presence of mind and was observant enough to make it extremely walker friendly. Face it, it’s hard to beat walking a round for the die hard golfer who likes to stay warm in the fall. Too, in a state that leaves a scatter of leaves which often pose their own sets of problems, the Tournament Course stays clean because of the types of trees and good work done by Superintendent Randy Juliar and his staff.

PGA Head Golf Professional Nathan Petric and the WP Golf team offers wonderful specials to play Mississippi National all year, but never more so than when the seasons starts drawing to a close.  “Our rack rate to ride 18-holes on the Tournament Course during the peak of the season is only $43.91 plus tax during the week,” he reported recently.  “To walk the course is really player friendly at just $28.00 plus tax,” he said excitedly. “And we offer a bunch of awesome specials, especially in the fall.”

And even though the Highlands shuts down to prepare for winter on approximately October 3rd, Petric and his team have a current special offer to reward play at either of their fantastic facilities until then and beyond. “The Fall Classic is a four player special for a really great price of one hundred and twenty dollars, or thirty bucks plus tax per person,” the pro in the know offered to the public, which can also be seen on their website. “Groups can choose to play either our legendary Highlands Course or the well rated Tournament Course any Sunday through Friday, at any time, and this includes greens fees and cart!”  And those 60 years of age or older, get this, “You can play our Tournament Course any Monday thru Thursday for $24.95 and tax!”

So, before the state is covered in miles of snow. As the golf mind turns to hockey or the pigskin show. Theres a place in Red Wing youve for sure got to go.  Be sure to stop and play and say hey to the pro. The pleasure will be yours, tell your friends I told you so.

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