Country Air Driving Range

By Brad Parrott

In Minnesota the golf season can be just as long as the off-season. If we are lucky, we can start playing golf in March or April, and then continue through October. The die hard players will get out there even when they probably shouldn’t.

For the golfer on the East side of the Twin Cities, there is an option to take full swings with real golf balls, and see the full flight, in even the most harshest conditions.

Country Air Driving Range is conveniently located just off I94 in the beautiful city of Lake Elmo. They have been rated as one of the “Most Beautiful Driving Ranges in the Twin Cities – East Metro Area” as well as making it on the “Best of the Twin Cities” list in Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine.

With 7 elevated, sheltered, and heated stalls overlooking a full driving range, players can groove their swing any time of year and even in the most inclement conditions.

What you will also find at Country Air Driving Range is Joe Park Golf. Joe Park Golf is golf instruction based physics and geometry backed by more than 20 years of teaching experience. Don’t let the terms physics and geometry fool or even scare you, Joe actually puts it in terms that are really easy to understand.

When meeting Joe for the first time you will notice very quickly how deep his passion is for teaching golf. Joe not only analyzes your golf swing visually, he also asks questions regarding your intentions and swing thoughts. “Even though there are many types of golf swings, they are all based on the same basic principles”, states Park.

Once Joe pinpoints what the actual “root” cause holding you back is, he not only gives you basic and easy to understand instructions to focus on, more importantly he makes sure you understand why. Joe’s instruction not only produces instant results, his instruction is basic and easy to understand creating consistent results.

Whether you are looking to just hit some golf balls during the off-season, or would like golf instruction that will stick with you for years, Country Air and Joe Park Golf is the place you should hit.

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