Fairways & Greens - Minnesota

Breezy Point – Easy Breezy

Some places make excellence seem easy – effortless. Imagine opening to this page and seeing just that one sentence – with the rest of the page blank. You’d think there’d been a printing error. It’d seem like there was something missing…

Edinburgh USA, Back To Top Form

The golf course that once held the USGA Public Links Championship and a Women’s professional tournament for seven years are now BACK IN TOURNAMENT CONDITION.

Keller Got It Right

Saturday, July 19th, 2014 Keller Golf Course embarked on a new era in golf. The $12.5 million make over of the golf course and clubhouse put a magnifying glass on history and continues Keller’s strong golf tradition.

Celebrating The 100th Anniversary Of Red Wing Golf Club

In 1915, Woodrow Wilson was our President, Babe Ruth was still a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, and Germany dropped bombs from zeppelins on Great Britain. 1915 was also the year that the Red Wing Golf Club opened for business.

Winter Entertainment At Bulrush Golf Club

QUESTION: Should golfers in Minnesota be forced to watch golf on a big screen TV in an attempt to cure the winter blahs?
ANSWER: No they should not, Bulrush Golf Club has everything included in the Golf Doctor’s prescription: Golf! Pizza! Beer!

Burnsville Indoor Golf – It’s All About The Place

There’s A Lot of Green Golf in Burnsville in January… all winter long to be exact. At least there used to be. Perhaps now is as good a time as any to tell you they’ve revamped and enhanced not only their facilities but their name. Allow me to introduce you formally to Burnsville Indoor Golf.

The Bridges Golf Club – Absolutely Not A Bridge Too Far

I get asked all the time where I prefer to golf in southeastern Minnesota. The Jewel comes off my tongue before the question is finished. (No brainer.) And? Cannon Golf Club. (Still too easy.) And? The Bridges in Winona. (No question.)

Mount Frontenac – More For Less

There are few places in Minnesota more beautiful than the Mississippi River valley in the fall. And guess what – sad but true for golfers – fall is already right around the corner.

Mississippi National Golf Links – Golf Above The Big Muddy

In the days before interstate highways, America’s rivers were the most efficient ways to travel and transport goods from producers to consumers. From the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul on the north end to the port city of New Orleans on the south end, communities, located along the Mississippi River prospered.

Cannon Golf Club – Cover Model

For years I’ve fired up locals by claiming Cannon Golf Club is one the best golf courses just south of the Metro. Thirty minutes for great golf beats five minutes to a so-so local course. But when you’re an admitted “golf snob” the options can be limited. You deserve the truth.