Fairways and Greens Minnesota

Highland National Golf Course

For the last fifteen years the game of golf has been on a downward trend. For various reasons more players are dropping out of the game than are starting to play golf. Over the past few years hundreds of golf courses all across America have closed.

Seeing Is Believing At Oak Marsh

Oak Marsh Golf Course General Manager Steve Whillock is a strong proponent in the power of visualization. In 1996, when Whillock first walked 186 acres of untamed Oakdale farmland, it was hard to visualize what would soon be Oak Marsh.

Practice Like Arnold Did

With the passing of Arnold Palmer, I wanted to share a story that my friend Brad Brewer told with me regarding how Mr. Palmer practiced.

Sweet Music At Deer Run Golf Club

If Deer Run Golf Club were a symphony orchestra it would make incredible music.

The audience who witnesses the performance of a fine symphony orchestra become infatuated and actually feels the music. The outstanding music is the product of professional musicians working together.

Golfers, Stop Your Car!

Ruttger’s wants golfers to experience the natural beauty and exceptional challenge of the Lake Golf Course. Play Ruttger’s 18 championship holes (some Masters quality) for $1.39 per hole.

Villas At Giants Ridge – This Is “THERE”

“There” is a place in northern Minnesota. And not just any place. A very special place. It starts with the golf and ends with the lodging. Or, you can look at it (and/or book it) the other way around. Either way, the point is the same.

Breezy Point – Easy Breezy

Some places make excellence seem easy – effortless. Imagine opening to this page and seeing just that one sentence – with the rest of the page blank. You’d think there’d been a printing error. It’d seem like there was something missing…

Edinburgh USA, Back To Top Form

The golf course that once held the USGA Public Links Championship and a Women’s professional tournament for seven years are now BACK IN TOURNAMENT CONDITION.

Keller Got It Right

Saturday, July 19th, 2014 Keller Golf Course embarked on a new era in golf. The $12.5 million make over of the golf course and clubhouse put a magnifying glass on history and continues Keller’s strong golf tradition.