Cardio For Golf

By Lisa Holtan

When you think of cardiovascular exercise you probably don’t think of golf. Yet, during a game of golf you could burn up to 600 calories and each round requires you to swing the golf club over 100’s of times depending on how many practice and actual swings you take. Improving your endurance and stamina will help you have a better golf game and absolutely help to reduce your risk of injury.

Performing cardiovascular exercise on a regular basis helps your body to perform exercise more efficiently. Meaning your golf game will get easier, you won’t get as winded when walking up the stairs and you would be able to walk 9 or even 18 holes without tiring as easily. As an extra benefit adding cardiovascular exercise into your regular routine will burn more calories so you may lose that extra weight which will help your posture and your golf game as well.

Listed below are 3 cardiovascular workouts you can do to help improve your fitness level and your game.
1. Steady State-Find something you like to do, walking, running, swimming, biking, etc. and do that activity for 30-60 minutes 1-2 times a week. This steady-state activity will help you improve your cardio-respiratory function helping to make your body more efficient at exercising.
2. Hills-Using a cardio machine (treadmill, bike or elliptical) or finding a location outside that has multiple hills in the area:
– Warm-up walking slowly for 5 minutes.
– Increase your incline to 2% for 2 minutes then go to 4% for 2 minutes, 6% for 2 minutes and 8% for 2 minutes once you have finished your 2 minutes at 8% decrease your incline by 2% every 2 minutes.
– Repeat this cycle 1 more time then cool down for 5 minutes.
– Do this routine 1 day a week.
3. Speed-Using a cardio machine (treadmill, bike or elliptical) or walking outside.
– Warm-up for 5 minutes.
– For 30 seconds go at a faster pace.
– For 2 minutes reduce your pace so you can recover.
– Repeat this cycle 6 times then cool down for 5 minutes.
– Do this routine 1 day a week.

Add in these cardio workouts into your daily routine and you will see not only your golf game improve but your everyday activities will become easier.

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