Burnsville Indoor Golf – The B.I.G. Deal

By E. Nolan

Simulator Golf is great. It’s not quite the real thing, but should we really be complaining about that? NO. Especially not when we can play on the surreal high-definition equipment of today. Bottom line: We still get to play golf in Winter, taking full swings with ALL clubs, with flawless turf conditions, with friends, while eating hot food and drinking cold sodas and beer between shots. People who complain about that sublime greatness would complain about the weather in San Diego. (I KNOW that’s not YOU.)

I appreciate great Simulator Golf. I especially appreciate it at Burnsville Indoor Golf. Every last week of February for the past three years, my son and I have driven over to Burnsville for a round of golf. I try to make my rounds on all the Twin Cities Indoor Golf Centers annually, but there are only so many winter weekends (when I’m not out of the country on assignment) on the calendar, so I usually only make it to five or six of our metro hubs. The B.I.G. is ALWAYS one of those stops. (Many thanks to their awesome owners/managers and rib baskets!)

Burnsville Indoor Golf has the best in HD Golf Simulators, stocked with the best in simulated golf courses. I can play a two-hour round in Cabo, Bandon, Hawaii or Florida… in New York, Alberta, Pebble or the Dominican Republic… without an airline ticket and at a 10th of the actual experiential cost. I can feel like I’ve got that San Diego weather in the middle of a literal ice storm, and hit (admittedly less than) professional shots on golf courses that the professional PGA TOUR players get to play on. Specifically, I can play on any of 20 of the world’s best golf courses (even play perennial “Best in the World” contenders Pacific Dunes and Pebble Beach on the exact same day) and semi-live out my dreams of what it would be like to actually be there. (Sidenote: I’ve played both of those courses “for real AND in digital” and Pebble’s 1st hole is better on B.I.G.’s Simulator. LOL.)

I mentioned my own personal appreciation for the owners earlier. Allow me to expand on why you’ll appreciate them too. They really know what they’re doing and know how to take care of their guests. Burnsville Indoor Golf is located INSIDE the NEW Soccer Blast dome (yes, they own that too). As family oriented as a place gets, the two entities are very nearly their first home (as much time as they spend there) and Tanis Carter wants YOU to feel at home there too. “The place is always busy, always fun,” she says. “We add new options and amenities every year… from new courses to new food options, to new PLAY opportunities.”

Case and point, the entire dome has been upgraded this year… a new building with new turf, new lighting and excellent climate control. I mention this connection to Soccer Blast mostly for internal registry, but I also say it to demonstrate the commitment Tanis and her team makes to the general community (and to the entire Twin Cities metro) each year. The facilities are FIRST-CLASS awesome. Clean, sharp, top-of-the-line… across the board. There’s no skimping on the golf. Those five stellar HD Golf Simulator studios are custom built to be exceptional. Want to take golf lessons? They can accommodate you here. Want to join a golf league? They can accommodate you here.

The B.I.G. is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 10pm, then Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 10pm. I feel all their rates are special (typically only $30/hr + tax), but Early Birds get EXTRA special treatment on weekends, with only a $20/hr rate from 8am to 10am.

They’ll have the game on in the adjacent Sports Bar while you’re playing, with appetizers and burgers, sandwiches and even their signature rib basket to feed you when you’re hungry (with tap and bottled beers in plentiful stock). Burnsville Indoor Golf hosts plenty of parties and corporate events, so make sure you give them a call before you drive over, to make sure they’ve got a studio open for you and your game. Hop on their website and check out their pictures and league information. You’ll see why they draw the golfers in droves, and why you need to put Burnsville Indoor Golf on your Minnesota Winter Golf Map. It’s a hot place to be, with great people to boot. Rain or shine, day or night, golf or soccer… this place is the Real (B.I.G.) Deal.

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