Burnsville Indoor Golf – It’s All About The Place

By E. Nolan

There’s A Lot of Green Golf in Burnsville in January… all winter long to be exact. At least there used to be. Perhaps now is as good a time as any to tell you they’ve revamped and enhanced not only their facilities but their name. Allow me to introduce you formally to Burnsville Indoor Golf.

Right there off County Road 42 and Burnsville Parkway, in the industrial park within smelling distance of Abdallah Chocolates is another Twin Cities hotspot: Burnsville Indoor Golf. They tell you when you meet someone new you should say their name thrice, so as not to forget it. Burnsville Indoor Golf. There. Now don’t forget it.

This isn’t your mom and pop’s indoor golf center. Wait… what does that even mean? Come to think of it, it actually is if your parents are into soccer. Yes, Soccer Mom’s and Dad’s already know about the B.I.G. The golf supercenter is located inside Soccer Blast. If you’re from the Twin Cities nuff said. If you’re not, I’ll say more. There’s this dome that people of all ages play soccer in – all winter long – except from 9 am to 3 pm Wednesday through Friday (beginning January 7, 2015) when it transforms into a driving range. Then it’s balls to the wall in a whole different way. But this wouldn’t be reason enough to celebrate B.I.G as a winter golf haven if it only served that purpose for those 18 hours. Fortunately, it doesn’t. B.I.G is actually open ridiculous hours… 9 am to 10 pm to be exact. Every… Single… Day. Sometimes later. Regularly later, in fact. They’re here for you like most others can’t be. When most others won’t be.

As I routinely do for these articles I begin my research on the website. Ten minutes there and I usually have a couple dozen questions. That isn’t the case at burnsvilleindoorgolf.com. Not at all. I began to panic as I realized they did such a good job with that website I actually didn’t have anything left I didn’t know. The photos and information provided were too good. No one is this good! And then I smiled. Wait. Are their fries straight or crinkled? Ah ha. They don’t tell you that! I win.

Burnsville Indoor Golf has FIVE High Definition Golf Simulators with HDG Interactive Touchscreen Menus, featuring THIRTY-TWO 18-hole golf courses from around the world. What does that mean in English? Indoor golf can’t physically get any better or more realistic than this. But wait… there’s more. It gets better. (Yes, I realize I just contradicted myself.)

Not only can you play on some of the world’s best courses INDOORS when everyone else is outside scraping their windows and cursing their snowblowers, but you can fine-tune your game with lessons from Golf Professionals… you can eat, drink, and watch soccer (live and on TV). Where else can you do that?

The 19th Hole Sports Grill takes care of you with far more than just chips and hot dogs. They cover the meats in terms of sandwiches, accent them with fries OR onion rings, and quench your thirst buds with bottled beer, tap beer, and Pepsi products.

Seniors have it especially good as Burnsville Indoor Golf scratches their back weekdays from 9am to noon with a $24/hour simulator rental. (That’s $6/hour when you split it four ways!) And then they get a Lunch Special. Come on now! Okay, so the rest of us get a heck of a deal too. We only pay $3 more an hour (per person in a foursome) to play on the simulators, every other hour of the day – every day of the week. ($36/hour per simulator) We can play Teeth of the Dog with our golf buddies without flying to the Dominican Republic… for less than what two beers would cost there. (Trust me, I was just there.) If you didn’t already hate me…

The point is this… even Pharell Williams can’t make me “Happy” in Minnesota from November 1st to April 1st most years. I can’t ever seem to make lemonade from these lemons. But Burnsville Indoor Golf can and does – day in and day out – sprinkled with rainbows and unicorns. And if it works for me, it can certainly work for you. If you have any more questions (don’t see how you’re not already in your car on the way there) check out their website. Though, by the time this article runs they’ll probably even have the French fry style listed.

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