Bulrush (Indoor) Golf Club – Crushing It In Rush City

By E. Nolan

I didn’t know there was a Rush City in Minnesota, or I probably would live there. I feel like all I do all day every day is rush about the city. And then my editor asked me if I’d played golf at Bulrush Golf Club and/or heard that they have PGA TOUR model aboutGolf Simulators up there. After telling him that I had in fact been to Bulrush Golf Club before, without realizing it was in Rush City, my first question to him was, “What package?”

“What package?” he asked. “Yes,” I replied. aboutGolf Simulators are great, in general, but the package has to be…

“Platinum!” Marketing Manager Kayla Defenbaugh told me over the phone. “Sweet,” I replied, nodding my head though she couldn’t see me. “I’ll be coming up shortly.” And out came the map.

Once I figured out that Rush City was only 30 miles north of Forest Lake on I-35, I realized why I’d never put two-and-two together on the town name and location. Once I pass Stacy on I-35 my mind is set on one thing… cinnamon rolls at Tobie’s, in Hinckley. Quite frankly, I might not have been able to tell you if there were ANY cities between Stacy and Hinckley (thanks to Tobie’s), but when I DID last visit Bulrush Golf Club, I DID in fact drive that extra 24 miles north afterwards for the aforementioned cinnamon rolls. Why wouldn’t you?

So, you’ve got two reasons to go to Bulrush yourself. 1. Quick and easy to get to. 2. Close to cinnamon rolls. Now, let me give you a third (fourth and fifth). From now until the sun actually gets warm again in April, Bulrush Golf Club turns its golf offerings outside-in, welcoming guests to the lively Bulrush Indoor Golf Lounge, with three aboutGolf Simulators (ALL on the PLATINUM package) a great social environment with plenty of TV’s to watch your favorite sports events, and a full menu of food with a full-service bar at the Rush Hour Bar & Grill.

Let me expand on the “golf environment” a little bit. In this Golf Lounge it’s not uncommon for management to have the biggest games on the biggest screens (the same size as your simulator screen) while you play. We’re talking high-definition with high ceilings! It’s really a remarkable experience. If you happened to be there during the Player’s Championship for instance, you potentially could hit the infamous green at TPC Sawgrass at the same time that Sergio Garcia dunks his in the drink in real life. The extent of taunting would obviously be entirely up to you.

The Golfer’s Lounge is open seven days a week, and their three incredible simulators offer 60 courses from all over the world. You can play TPC Sawgrass, Hazeltine National, Pebble Beach and even Whistling Straits… without the 50 mph wind I played in last time I was there. (That’s just to name a few!) You can play collections of holes, other great Midwest courses, bucket list destinations and/or simply practice on the simulated driving range. All great indoor golf facilities offer leagues, and with the capacity to entertain that Bulrush boasts, their leagues are quite popular, and a great way to make time fly in winter. Call the club for sign up information.

General Manager Mike Olson understands it’s a bit of a drive up for Twin Cities residents, but he’s that much more invested in securing your business on future trips. (Steal of a Deal for locals!!) By offering low simulator rates, only $27 per hour Monday through Friday, he basically pays your gas for you to get back and forth and then keeps you entertained, well fed and liquid-aided at The Rush Hour Bar & Grill. With a hearty selection of appetizers (“Nacho Mama”), salads, sandwiches, their famous custom pizzas, and daily lunch/dinner specials…like the rest of the club’s offerings, they take nothing of your visit and money for granted here.

All the great food and social amenities make Bulrush Golf Club a great host for winter parties and small corporate events. You can reserve one or all of the simulators in advance, and use them for playing games, then covering business, then playing (and showing) games again. Make the most of this PGA TOUR tuned equipment, and the most of your golf time this winter, by making a quick weekly (or even monthly) escape up to Rush City… a town and golf stop worth circling on your map.

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