Are You A Golfing Mummy?

By Greg Schulze

In ancient Egypt, royalty was often mummified in wraps of cloth to preserve the bodies for posterity. But could you imagine the horror if an individual was mummified while still alive? (I think I saw that in a movie sometime…) These poor souls are just begging to get unwrapped. Have you “wrapped” yourself in layers of golf tips, myths, misconceptions, advice that are “strangling” your golf potential?

As a PGA Professional since 1989, it is my belief and observation that most golfers are more skilled than they think, but have been wrapped in a state of mummification behind layers of myth and untruths causing the golfer within you to remain undiscovered.

When I began teaching all those years ago, the first “wow moment” I had was the realization of the degree of golf MYTHS which exist in this sport; false beliefs which are prevalent throughout the golf population. I learned of the existence of these myths simply by asking my early students questions such as “what does it take to get the ball airborne” or “what role do your eyes and head play in the execution of a golf swing?” etc. The answers “blew me away!” What a shock! At first I just thought that those first couple students were a bit “touched” but as I heard similar answers from more and more students of all ages, I knew we had a major golf epidemic on our hands. Sadly, as I write this in the year 2015, most of these myths are still “alive and well” within the amateur/struggling golfer ranks. I challenged myself from that point forward to do all I could to dispel these myths, to affect my little corner of the world and get my students to move past these untruths and learn the real truth required for consistent, continuous developing golf. I currently have written 4 full-length articles naming these myths and explaining the truth.

Before your next golf season begins, consider, as a first step in the discovery of your real golfing potential, making an appointment with your PGA Professional to discuss what wrappings might be holding you back. Use the off-season to make a list of your current “to-do-list” while standing over the golf ball and then turn the paper over to your PGA Professional for a grade. The professional’s job is most often NOT to add wraps to the mummy (excessive information), but to UNWRAP the false beliefs, which have kept you hidden from the winner’s circle. ADDITION BY SUBTRACTION.

Since the mind “tells” the body what to do, the body “tells” the club what to do and finally the club “tells” the ball what to do, can you see the damaging effects of mental myths? Efficient progress is impossible without accurate messages from brain to body, so let’s “set you free” to discovery that the most enjoyable golf is that played with the fewest amounts of wraps.

Are you a walking, talking, golfing mummy?

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