30 Ball Maximum Drill

By Chris Foley

The primary focus of this exercise is to become target and results focused rather than practice focused. This exercise simulates real golf pressure and encourages you to develop the kind of concentration needed to succeed on the golf course.

Rules: Use only one ball at a time and focus on one task at a time.
Start with the short-game tasks first.
The maximum number of shots is 30 and the goal is to get as far in the exercise as possible.

1. Putting
a. Make 3, six-footers.
b. Two-putt, 3, seventeen-footers.
c. Two-putt, 3, thirty-footers.

Hit each putt from a different position. Vary the test by going uphill, downhill, and side hill.

2. Chipping
a. Hit 3, GOOD short chip shots.
b. Hit 3, GOOD long chip shots.

You are the only judge of what “good” means. It is entirely defined by where you are with your game. Ideally, the goal is to chip within one-putt distance. Eventually, you would move on only after you have chipped and made the one-putt. Hit each chip from a different position to a different target.

3. Pitching
a. Hit 3, GOOD short pitch shots.
b. Hit 3, GOOD long pitch shots.

Use slightly more relaxed standards than the chipping station. Move to different positions and hit to various targets.

4. Bunker
a. Hit 3, GOOD bunker shots.

This process may go from just getting the ball out to making the ball land on the green, and eventually hit the shot close to the hole.

5. Full Swing
a. Hit 1, GOOD full sand wedge.
b. Hit 1, GOOD full pitching wedge.
c. Hit 1, GOOD full shot choosing one club from 8-iron to 5-iron.
d. Hit 1, GOOD full shot choosing one club from a hybrid to 3-wood.
e. Hit 2, GOOD tee shots.

Please keep a daily scorecard of how far into the drill you get using the 30 ball maximum. Your improvement should come by working towards finishing the entire drill in the allotted 30 balls.
Utilizing this exercise helps create a more on course like situation. The more we can simulate real golf like situations the more transferable practice becomes.

I welcome your feedback and questions. Please contact me at cfoley@ChrisFoleyGolf.com, 218-820-9426. Follow me on Twitter @ChrisFoleyGolf and look for more great practice tips on #PracticeForPerformance Thursdays.

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